Growtopia ~ 200DLS investment [Profit or lose?]

Well, this will be the biggest investment I ever made in Growtopia . Haha either lose or profit…

Qn: Why did u invest on Riding Phoenix
Ans: Why Not…? Well, it takes a risk haha… If successful, it will be absolutely awesome!

Qn: Are you manipulating the price?
Ans: LOL? Definitely no! Prices are normally set by the price of that item which ppl Buy+ Sell for. No one can manipulate the price unless it is the Developers.

Phoenix pacifier and Riding Phoenix are both limited edition. Only 500 existed in Growtopia.

But… This year there will be some riding Phoenix been released since only about 300+ released last year 🙂 [Until it reached 500]

Hi guys, if u sell riding Phoenix … Feel free to msg me but of course with a reasonable price lol.


Immobilienmakler Heidelberg

Makler Heidelberg

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