Best June 2017 Cryptocurrency Investment? 10 Reasons for $10 Steem Price!

Which top 20 cryptocurrency is the most undervalued in June 2017? Will you watch this video because in it I will reveal ten reasons I believe Steem will be worth $10 in 10 months? If you would prefer to read, will you read the post I made on Steemit instead at named 10 Reasons for $10 Steem Price in 10 Months? First, how much Steem and SBD did I buy? Using Bitcoin and Ethereum from my Dash masternode sale on Poloniex, Bitstamp, Bitfinex, and Bittrex, I bought first 10 BTC of Steem with another several thousand invested after that to get my total to 30,846.483 Steem which today is worth $30,877.33. I believe within a year this will be worth over $300,000 because of what I list here.

10. Google organic search traffic. For getting found online, being at the top of Google and YouTube when a user searches is the ideal solution for nearly everyone from local businesses to blogging to art and anything else imaginable. has a perfect formula for building a high ranking website because the financial benefits of making high quality original articles in exchange for money.
9. Lower inflation rate with attract more buying and holding on exchanges. With the previous 100% yearly creation of Steem, many crypto investors were probably avoiding buying and holding any Steem because of the virtually guaranteed loss while others like me sold all my Steem after it kept going down and down without even knowing why it was going down. Many who once were interested and sold may not realize that the inflation rate is so much less now until the price starts going up on the exchanges which might motivate more research. After hours of researching Steem, I did not realize the interest rate was down to 2% or so annually until I calculated it myself even though the change was months ago and I had been actively trading on Bittrex, Poloniex, and Bitfinex most of the time in between including buying in on Steem and probably Steem Backed Dollars or SBD.
8. Powering down prevents impulsive sales and quick exits.
7. Higher previous market value with no bubble wave fully impacting yet.The price was at $4 once why not $10? While most all of the top 100 cryptocurrencies have hit a massive price spike lately where the current market value is anywhere from double to 100+ times what it EVER was in the past, Steem actually had the highest market cap in July 2016. As investors see that the profit has mostly been made in other cryptos, Steem will become very attractive for a big pump and dump which might boost the price up to over $10 in just a matter of days.
6. Attractive as an investment for influencers and new content creators in exchange for influence. Earlier this year I had a self-employed IRA account with Facebook, Google, and Walmart stock accounting for around $10,000 of my retirement savings. What privileges did I get with that? An extra email maybe at most. This same investment on Steem allows anyone currently to have one of the most influential votes on the website.
5. I am going to promote this like crazy as you can see.
4. Word of mouth marketing power to bring friends in to upvote and earn together. The more users sign up for Steemit, the more viral growth we will continue to get because of the HUGE incentive to bring friends and family to help upvote posts. The more users refer friends, the more we will keep pulling in whales, dolphins, and users active every 12 hours that do exceptional work curating the best content.
3. Higher earnings from the recent price growth provides strong motivation for the entire make money online crowd to test blogging on Steemit. When prices were much lower, seeing people make a few cents or maybe $100 at the top for trending posts was unlikely to attract serious commitment from people interested in finding a way to earn money working from home online which is likely an audience of hundreds of millions of people today. With trending posts today almost all making $100+ with the top posts making $500 to $1,000+, we are very likely to be signing up new users now that will be pouring their best time and creative energy into producing amazing posts for Steemit.
2. Celebrities will be attracted to show off and monetize their following which will bring in waves of user signups. How would you feel if your favorite celebrity joined Steemit today?
1. Steemit is the most kind, loving, and supportive community I have ever seen. After reading my Facebook and YouTube comments, I go to Steem to feel better where the entire user experience is optimized to encourage people to give and help each other! I have never received such a warm welcome anywhere in my life which has motivated me to do everything I can to give back here today.

Thank you for reading this! Would you sign up for Steemit and follow me today at and/or buy some Steem to make the investment of a lifetime?

Jerry Banfield


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