Second Chance San Diego Apartments For People With Broken Leases, Bad Credit Or Felonies

San Diego is a major California attraction and destination boasting thousands of unique visitors each year. These are attracted to the city by the pleasant climate and flowing picturesque beaches. The city is also a major commercial and transit center that links Mexico with the rest of California and the US with billions of dollars in trade each year. The city also attracts a lot of settlers; people who move here in search of business, work and academic opportunities. This puts a definite demand on the city’s many apartments. Renting an apartment unit in San Diego is more or less like renting anywhere else in any major US city. The apartments conduct background checks that center on the applicant’s credit, rental and criminal history. Of particular importance are broken leases which apartments in San Diego deem to be very serious. Applicants with a prior broken agreement with a previous apartment will most likely receive an automatic denial.

Places to rent with a broken lease and bad credit

Apartments which approve applicants who have had previous issues with other apartments elsewhere are generally known as second chance apartments. These are units which may or may not be located in section 8 areas of the city and which are usually willing to lease to problem tenants. Here are some places where one can rent an apartment if they have rental problems:

  • Allied Gardens
  • Alta Vista
  • Pacific Highlands Ranch
  • Bay Terrace
  • Black Mountain Ranch
  • Downtown San Diego
  • Clairemont Mesa
  • Del Mar Heights

The above is not an exhaustive list. There are many more units that can give applicants a second chance despite of a tarnished history. The challenge is being able to locate them because most of them do not easily advertise.

Important info to consider

Even though there are such kinds of apartments willing to grant approval to problem tenants, these apartments will nevertheless demand that those tenants fulfill a few basic requirements. One of them is being on a job at least six months. Some apartments will ask for a hefty deposit depending on the individual leasing office. Others will ask for three months of rent in addition to the deposit. One must also earn at least three times the amount of the rent.

Looking for such apartments in this apart of California can pose a challenge because as we said, they rarely advertise. The main reason they prefer to stay quiet is because they do not want a mad rush especially by people with problematic credit and history since this drives rental prices down.

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What is an Equity Broker?

Those who wish to buy or sell shares of stock in publicly traded companies do so by engaging a stock broker. The broker receives a commission, and in some cases, a monthly fee for managing the account.

When most people use the term „stock broker“ they more than likely are referring to an equity broker. However, there are some differences between the two. Equity trading, which includes hedge funds and day trading, is more correctly viewed as a subset of traditional stock market trading. Equity brokers generally deal with individuals who want to invest more aggressively or who may have intricate trading strategies they want to implement. Minimum investments are typically high, and fees can be as well.

An equity broker will normally perform more extensive market research, and equity firms often have extensive, proprietary systems for trading. Many firms devoted to equities trading are established as hedge funds and lie within major investment banks.

Hedge funds are quite different from the traditional approach to investing in the stock market or mutual funds, which is to purchase shares and hold them for a considerable amount of time. Hedge funds are usually very active, and often the fund manager will take huge risks which can pay off in the form of huge profits or losses. In addition to investing in stocks and bonds, hedge funds may also speculate on foreign currency or potentially any other investment that is included in the plan or strategy.

You can also find equity brokers in firms that specialize in day trading. These private equity firms make their money by allowing select traders access to funding by the firm. Some will require that traders use the investment strategy developed by the firm, while others let the investor choose the strategy as long as their choices are profitable.

Equity brokers can be found at many different types of investment firms. The expertise of the investor, and his comfort level with risk, should determine the type of equity broker he selects.

Full service brokerage firms will usually have equity brokers on staff to assist those investors who want to take a more aggressive approach to investing. These firms offer a more „hands-on“ service to the client, performing market research, monitoring accounts, and dispensing advice. Naturally, their fees and commissions will be among the highest.

Many online equity brokers offer investors the ability to choose their own investments and strategies. Establishing an account with this type of broker is usually quick and easy. You can enter your trade orders 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, although they cannot be executed until the market opens.

Due to the fact that equity brokers typically make many more trades than those who buy and sell for investors who are holding for the long term, fees can mount quickly. It is not uncommon for investors to find one-fourth to one-third of their profits have gone to the equity broker or his firm. Investors should perform their due diligence on all investment opportunities, but with the fast-paced nature of equity trading, it is even more critical to do so before making the investment.

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Selling Property without A Real Estate Agent

I am going to sell my property without an agent. This refrain is being heard more and more these days as the Internet and real estate market evolves beyond the realtor-based transaction.

FSBO is an acronym meaning for sale by owner. The advantages of selling as a FSBO are numerous. With real estate commissions of six percent, you are looking at immediately saving tens of thousands of dollars in commissions. If for some reason this does not entice you, keep in mind you can use the savings to undercut the prices of similar homes in your area. This will move your house quickly off the market and let you get on with your life.

The key to selling your property is to be prepared. First, you need to find out the value of the property by looking at comparables in your area or trying an online valuation service. Once you have the value in mind, you need to determine whether this is acceptable. You also need to determine what you are really willing to accept as a sales price once haggling is completed. Always make sure you know your bottom line and stick to it.

The next step is list the property online on a FSBO site. Over 70 percent of homebuyers now find their properties online as the realize there is no need to endlessly drive around looking at homes that they may or may not be interested in. By going online, they can see what each home offers and then visit the appropriate property.

Given the use of the Internet by buyers, it is vital that you spend the time to upload pictures with your listings. You are only going to generate interest if the buyers can actually see the property. Every site allows you to upload digital photos and you should do so. Take care to show as much of the property as possible so that you can generate leads that are truly interested in buying.

Sellers wonder if they are correct to think they can sell their property without a realtor. With the Internet revolution, it is easy to do so and save tons of money on commissions.

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5 Things You Need From Your Real Estate Attorney!

In my, over 15 years, as a Real Estate Licensed Salesperson, in the State of New York, I have witnessed, many real estate attorneys, and, how, some, harm the process/ deal (get in the way), while others, are, extremely valuable, to the successful process! I always, suggest, one choose a lawyer, who, specializes, in real estate law, so he is familiar with as many of the potential nuances, as possible, in this transaction period! Ideally, the individual, you choose, will protect your interests, but, be part of the solution, instead of, get, in the way, of the deal, by refusing to consider options, and alternatives, to achieve the objective. With, that in mind, this article will attempt to, briefly, consider, examine, review, and discuss, 5 things, you should demand, from the individual, you hire, to represent your interests (whether, buying or selling), because, for most of us, the value of their house, represents, their single – largest, financial asset.

1. Effective listening: If, you are searching, for the right person, it makes sense, to ask for a few recommendations, from people, who have been satisfied, by theirs! Briefly, interview, a few attorneys, and observe, whether the individual, is willing to effectively listen, to you, in order to better understand your true, personal needs, etc.

2. Hand – holding: There are, often, several stresses, and challenges, during the course of the transaction period! Seek a lawyer, who is, not, only, technically, knowledgable, but, will hold – your – hand, throughout the entire, transaction process. Wouldn’t you, prefer, making this period, the least, stressful, as possible?

3. Protect you, but not, get in the way: While, is in, an attorney’s duty and responsibility, to protect you, and your interests, in an ethical, honest way, the person, you choose, should not, create challenges, which aren’t helpful, and/ or, needed! Discuss, thoroughly, what you seek and want, how much flexibility, you are willing to take, and, looks, to achieve these things, without, screwing – up, a deal, you wish, to take!

4. Thorough explanation: There should be no question, and/ or, concern, you have, which your attorney, won’t attempt, to thoroughly, answer, and explain, to your satisfaction (not, merely, his)! It should be his duty, to ensure, this process, goes, as smoothly, as possible!

5. Professionalism/ excellence: Don’t accept good – enough! Demand (because you deserve, and need), the highest degree of quality, professionalism, and true, excellence!

Carefully, choose the individual, who will best serve your interests, when selecting a real estate attorney! Doing so, often, saves you time, effort, and unnecessary challenges!

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Benefits of Payday Loans

Next time you are in dire need of some cash, and you want to get it quickly, you can consider payday loans. This type of loans is relatively new on the market.

So far, the traditional ways of procuring a loan were mainly through credit cards or by applying for personal loans. Certainly, these are well accepted and appreciated options for anyone, but they do come with their own limitations. When using credit cards, you are prompted to spend a lot more than perhaps you could afford. In fact, they were designed exactly for this purpose, as they allow you to pay a specified minimum amount, and thus extend the payment of your dues for a long time to come.

This design works to the benefits of the companies that issue credit cards, as they keep earning interest on the late payments made by you. Personal loans generally make a better option, but qualifying for such loans is quite cumbersome, needing a lot of time and a detailed check of your credit score before any answer is given.

This new product comes to the rescue of people who are unable to qualify for credit cards for whatever reasons, or who want to avoid the hassle of getting one. Though the reputation of payday loans is bad, they make a good substitute for traditional lending. They are highly popular with certain sections of our society. Here are the main benefits of payday loans:

  • The process of getting a payday loan is very easy, comfortable and fast. You may apply for a loan and expect the funds to be in your bank account in a matter of hours. No traditional bank can match that speed of sanctioning a loan. This is possible due to the online procedures for getting and disbursing the loans. The borrower simply needs to fill up an online application, giving some personal details, and then wait for the loan that will come through very soon.
  • Since these are short-term loans, you don’t need to face the problem for a long time. These loans are meant to help you overcome your financial problem for a short time. It is comforting to know that you won’t be under debt for long. However, most people tend to believe that you’ll land up in a big mess if and when failing to make your commitments; you should know that this is not true most of the time. The lenders offering payday loans do realize that there will be some defaulters, and they have accordingly designed their plans. Instead of taking any other action, they will just ban the client from utilizing the facility in the future.
  • Your chances of getting a loan from the businesses offering payday loans are certainly higher as compared to other financial institutions, like banks. The reason is that payday loans are available for small amounts of money, for shorter periods of time. Since the lenders realize that the associated risks are small, they can provide financial assistance to a larger number of consumers.
  • All the terms of the loan, including the fees and the interest to be charged by the lenders are clearly stated beforehand. So the borrower is well-informed on the amount he is liable to pay back. There are no hidden charges. This business is now highly monitored and controlled due to the bad publicity it has received in the past.

Perhaps, now you can better appreciate the reasons that prompt people to patronize payday loans. Their benefits include easy and quick availability, and if you realize how to best exploit these loans, you won’t be scared of utilizing them.

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3 Steps For Grieving Real Estate Taxes

Although various localities have specific mechanisms, nearly every one has a process to appeal or grieve one’s real estate taxes. In most cases, this can either be done by oneself, or you can hire someone else (or some company) to do so, for you. Why would someone grieve his real estate taxes? One reason might be because most of your neighbors do so, and you will suffer financially, by not doing so. Another is, if you believe your house is being appraised for more than it should be, and thus, you will being paying more taxes than you need to, or should. Regardless of your reasons for doing so, every homeowner should realize he has certain options and rights, and this article will attempt to touch upon 3 of the basic steps in appealing and correcting something which might adversely impact you.

1. Comparative Market Analysis (CMA): Before you can claim you are being charged too much, you must create and present a basis for your belief. In nearly every locality, one must accumulate realistic, relevant, comparable homes, and compare what they are being charged in taxes, to what you are. For example, if you can locate 5 or 6 homes, which are similar in size, location, property, condition, etc, and their assessed values vary significantly with your home’s, you have created the best initial basis, for appeal. If you are capable of doing so, yourself, you will gain the greatest benefit, but if you cannot, or don’t have the time or inclination, contact a reputable company, to handle this for you. In many cases, these companies will charge you up to 50% of your savings, but remember, that’s still far better than what you would otherwise be paying, etc. In addition, you’ll only be charged the fee, if you receive a reduced assessment, and savings!

2. Show what others pay in taxes (or are assessed): Once you’ve identified the relevant other properties, show how much less they may be paying than you are. This is what you submit as your grievance, etc.

3. Fill out the necessary forms/ paperwork: Depending on your location, this process might either be rather simple, or more complex/ complicated! In either case, you must obtain, and properly fill out completely, all the necessary forms and paperwork. This is another reason many people opt to use one of the companies that provides this service.

While it is your responsibility to pay your real estate taxes, it is not, to pay more than you should fairly do so! If you believe you are being unfairly taxed, relative to your neighbors, follow the grievance or appeals process.

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4 Factors Which Impact Real Estate Prices

Many factors affect the price, a specific house, might garner, if offered, for sale, on the real estate market. While there are both, emotional, as well as logical considerations, involved, four specific factors, generally, are the key components, which make the biggest differences, in what price, a specific home, might get, and offers, which will be presented. While there are always, competitive factors, especially how a specific property, compares, to others, for sale, in the local area, after more than a decade, as a Real Estate Licensed Salesperson, in the State of New York. I have come to believe, 4 specific factors, are most significant and relevant. With that in mind, this article will attempt to briefly consider, review, and discuss, these considerations, and why it’s important to proceed, with objectivity, and a realistic approach.

1. Overall economy, and consumer confidence: Obviously, the stronger the overall economy, and the more consumer confidence, as well belief, in a strong, sustainable employment/ job market, the more, people, might be ready, willing, and able, to pay, for a new home, of their own! Perceptions are often, far more essential, and relevant, than any other single factor/ factors!

2. Interest Rates and Real estate taxes: Overall interest rates, are the key, to mortgage rates, and obviously, the lower these rates, the lower, the monthly costs, for the homeowner. Even a somewhat minor, change in the rate, often, makes a significant difference, in the monthly expenses. In this mindset, one must consider, real estate taxes, also, because, they factor into, the overall costs, of home ownership, maintenance, etc.

3. Supply and demand: Real estate markets might be considered, Buyers Markets, Sellers Markets, and/ or neutral ones! When there are more buyers than houses on the market/ sellers, it’s a Sellers Market. When there are more sellers than those qualified buyers, looking, it becomes a Buyers Market, and when it’s somewhere, more balanced/ in – between, it’s a neutral one. Obviously, in most cases, the highest prices, occur in Sellers Markets, based on the economic concept of Supply and Demand!

4. Local market: Much of real estate, is local, in nature! Is your local area, in – demand? What are the strengths, and weaknesses? How does your area, neighborhood, location, etc, compare to other areas. Factors to consider include: safety; schools; convenience to transportation, shopping, entertainment; real estate taxes; etc.

The better one understands the actual value, as opposed to what, he wishes for, the more prepared, he will be, for the home buying, process. Will you commit to the tasks, discipline, etc?

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Source by Richard Brody

The Real Pros & Cons of Merchant Accounts

Like any other business, there are advantages and disadvantages to accepting credit cards. We have included both so you can make an informed decision on if your business should sign up for merchant services. Regardless of the cost you incur, you will see that the benefits outweigh the negatives.

The various pros merchants services offer

1. Increased sales: Yes, this is right, as credit card orders are these days are larger in number than check & cash orders.

2. Faster checkout: It speeds up the checkout line because accepting credit card payment is instant and easy.

3. Cheaper than cash: It is cheaper to accept cards due to the huge order amounts.

4. Security: Dealing with cash needs more security, as the risk involved is high. Dealing with heavy amount can lead to troubles and there is also the possibility of employees giving out the wrong change amount.

5. More choices: The more payment options you offer to the customers, the more you decrease the probability of losing the sale.

The limited cons

1. Cost: Accepting credit cards involves cost similar to every other cost the business incurs. A good approach is taking it as a cost of doing business.

2. Fraud: Degree of internet fraud or risk is possible to some extent. However, such possibilities are extremely rare.

3. Charge backs: It is important to abide by the rules of credit card company’s rule. In this way, consumers are more safe when paying with card and win against the merchants while disputing a charge.

Which businesses are classified as high risk?

When the credit card industry realizes that a particular business is high risk, they conclude that the business model poses higher level of risk as compared to the traditional business. It is important to ensure that the payment processing account is well established and doing business will bring profits to the business as well as the merchant service providing company.

Here, the processing company has to manage the risk and reward, the merchant needs to be fully equipped to do business without going through over inflated charges. As understood, with any service, few companies charge unfair fees and provide incompatible services; hence, it is important to go for the best business company. High risk is involved in companies that are:

1. Involved in morally ambiguous industries

2. Process card-not present transactions

3. Sell products and services to international countries

4. Use risky sales methods

5. Transacts high average dollar amount

Keep this fruitful discussion in mind and plan carefully is your business worth these services or not.

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5 Möglichkeiten der Immobilienvermarktung

Der Verkauf eines Hauses ist in der Regel das Ergebnis einer Kombination aus Attraktivität, Lage, Preisgestaltung, Marketing, Verhandlungen und einigen anderen Faktoren. Dieser Artikel konzentriert sich kurz auf einige der Optionen, wie Häuser vermarktet werden könnten, warum eines besser sein könnte als das andere (unter bestimmten Umständen), Kostenfaktoren, Effektivität und Nutzung. Es gibt nicht nur einen Weg, ein Haus zu vermarkten und zu verkaufen. Vor Jahren waren Immobilienmakler stark von Zeitungsanzeigen abhängig, und dort suchten die meisten potenziellen Käufer nach Informationen. In der heutigen informationsgetriebenen, digitalen Gesellschaft sind viel mehr Daten leicht verfügbar, und obwohl es immer noch einen Platz für Zeitungswerbung gibt, ist dies meistens nicht der beste Weg. Sehen wir uns 5 Marketingoptionen an.

1. Direkt verbal: Dazu gehören Angesicht zu Angesicht, Telefonanrufe, Kontaktaufnahme mit den persönlichen Kontakten eines Maklers usw. Zu den Vorteilen gehören die Kosten und die Fähigkeit, effektiv zu kommunizieren, die Stärken und Möglichkeiten des Hauses zu artikulieren und Einzelpersonen zu motivieren, einen Blick darauf zu werfen. Der Nachteil ist, dass es zeitaufwändig und etwas einschränkend ist!

2. Direktmarketing: Dazu gehören Postkarten, Flyer, Türhänger, Verkaufsschilder, Tag der offenen Tür etc. Mailings sind etwas teuer geworden, vor allem wenn man die relativ niedrige Transaktionsrate bedenkt, aber oft eine gute Ergänzung und ein positiver Weg um die Nachricht herauszubekommen.

3. Printmedien: Zu den Printmedien gehören Zeitungen, Zeitschriften, wöchentliche Rundschreiben und Direct-to-Home-Marketingartikel. Diese Ansätze können etwas teuer sein, und Umfragen zeigen, dass die meisten Käufer von heute diesen immer weniger Aufmerksamkeit schenken als in der Vergangenheit!

4. Digital (Websites): Wenn wir Teilnehmer an Open Houses fragen, wie sie davon erfahren haben, kommt die vorherrschende Antwort von irgendeiner Website. Viele verwenden MLS, Trulia, Zillow, oder die eigene Website einer größeren Agentur. Wenn Einträge im Multiple Listing Service platziert werden, nehmen viele andere Websites die Informationen auf und nehmen sie ebenfalls auf ihren Websites auf. Dieser Ansatz ist mit Kosten verbunden, aber er ist heute wahrscheinlich das beste Preis-Leistungs-Verhältnis in Bezug auf die Vermarktung von Immobilien!

5. Sozialen Medien: Social Media umfasst Dinge wie Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, Pinterest, usw. Der Vorteil sind niedrige oder keine Kosten, aber es besteht immer noch ein gewisses Maß an Unsicherheit hinsichtlich ihrer Wirksamkeit als Marketinginstrument, um ein bestimmtes Haus zu verkaufen.

Das Fazit ist, dass ein Immobilienmakler die besten verfügbaren Marketinginstrumente kennen, verstehen und einsetzen muss, um ein bestimmtes Haus zu verkaufen. Abhängig von Typ, Preis, Nische, Standort usw. variieren die Optionen oft.

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Source by Richard Brody

Verwenden Sie offenes Verkaufen, um Immobilieneinwände zu überwinden

Ein befreundeter Immobilienmakler rief mich an, um mir einige Ideen mitzuteilen. Ihr Käufer zögerte, ein Angebot abzugeben. Das Anwesen hatte 90 % von allem, was er sich in einem Haus wünschte, aber die letzten 10 % nervten ihn. Es gab ein freitragendes Deck über einer Schlucht, aber keinen Hof. Sie war sich nicht sicher, was sie ihm sagen sollte, um ihn zum Handeln zu bewegen. Was würdest du in ihrer Situation tun? Hier sind ein paar Dinge, die sie in Erwägung gezogen hat:

  1. Sagen Sie ihm, dass sich der Markt verändert und dass dies die beste Gelegenheit ist, eine großartige Immobilie wie diese zu einem niedrigen Preis zu erwerben.
  2. Weisen Sie darauf hin, dass der Verkäufer bereit ist, bei der Reparatur etwas mehr zu helfen.
  3. Erklären Sie ihm, dass er noch 17 Tage Zeit hat, um darüber nachzudenken, bevor er die Notlösung aufhebt.
  4. Weisen Sie darauf hin, dass ein weiteres Angebot hereinkommt (was wahr war).
  5. Erinnern Sie ihn an die 90 %, die ihm an der Immobilie gefallen haben, und machen Sie einige Vorschläge zur Behebung der verbleibenden 10 %.
  6. Eine Mischung aus allem oben Genannten.

Nachdem sie diese Liste mit mir durchgegangen war, fragte ich sie, welche Lösungen er für den fehlenden Hof hätte.

  • "Was meinst du?" Sie fragte mich.
  • "Haben Sie ihn gefragt, was er tun würde, wenn es keinen Hof gibt?"
  • „Nein“, sagte sie.
  • "Nun, fragen Sie ihn. Sagen Sie, „Ich weiß, dass Sie besorgt sind, dass es keinen Hof gibt. Wie wird sich das auf Ihren Lebensstil auswirken, wenn Sie dieses Haus kaufen?'"
  • Sie sagte: „Das möchte ich ihn nicht fragen. Was, wenn er beschließt, keinen Garten zu haben, würde seinen Lebensstil wirklich durcheinander bringen?“

Dies ist eine häufige Angstreaktion, die Verkäufer haben, wenn sie mit Kaufbedenken oder Einwänden konfrontiert werden. Wir wollen nicht darüber reden, nur für den Fall, dass sie dazu neigen, nein zu sagen. Aber wirklich, die Menschen sind nicht so oberflächlich. Wenn Sie sie ermutigen, über die Herausforderungen zu sprechen, haben Sie eine bessere Gelegenheit, andere Fragen zu stellen, die sie zum Positiven wenden. Nehmen wir zum Beispiel an, dieser Käufer sagt, dass er keinen Garten haben kann, wenn er keinen Garten hat. Nun, dann fragen Sie ihn nach Gartenarbeit: "Welche Art von Gartenarbeit machen Sie gerne?" Wenn er den Vorschlag nicht selbst macht, fragen Sie ihn schließlich, welche Art von Gartenarbeit er mit Containern machen könnte. Teilen Sie vielleicht ein paar Informationen über Containergärtnerei (wenn Sie etwas wissen).

Offen mit Einwänden umgehen

Um mit Einwänden umzugehen, indem Sie den Interessenten seine eigenen Lösungen finden lassen, müssen Sie in der Lage sein, vier Dinge zu tun:

  1. Entwickeln Sie das Problem vollständig und verstehen Sie, warum es ein Problem ist.
  2. Wissen Sie, wohin das Verkaufsgespräch führen soll, damit Sie es dorthin lenken können.
  3. Besitzen Sie die Fähigkeiten, die mit intelligenter Beeinflussung verbunden sind, damit Sie ihm helfen können, seine Gedanken zu verarbeiten.
  4. Nutzen Sie Ihr Fachwissen, um Fragen zu stellen, die ihm helfen, sein Problem aus neuen Perspektiven zu betrachten.

Dieser offene Verkaufsansatz wird Sie durch die meisten Bedenken führen, ohne dass Sie das perfekte Gegenargument auf der Zunge haben müssen.

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Source by Linda Schneider

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